Faqs / Rules / Guidelines

Ver. 05-03-2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Batoto? is an online comic sharing platform for all languages, made by comic fans for comic fans and gives active uploaders/groups complete control over their contents. Everyone is welcomed here as long as they follow the rules.
    (Note: it's not a resurrection of the old site. It's more of an enthusiast's attempt at keeping the site alive)

  2. Does Batoto make any profit?

    No, Batoto does not earn any profit.

  3. How does Batoto afford operating costs?

    From displaying ads to users and partly from Website Owner's own funds

  4. Do I get paid if I upload something here?

    No, anyone who uploads here does it without any economic gain and purely out of wanting to share those comics to others in a hassle free way.

  5. How do I download a comic here?

    Batoto doesn’t offer a download option. You will have to go elsewhere for that. The website of the scanlation group that works on the comic is a good place to start. You can usually find a link on the group's page on Batoto. You can also check out the publisher's site if a digital copy is up for sale in your region.

  6. Can I edit/delete a comment that I've made using the "discuss" comment system?

    Yes, click the Edit/Delete button besides your comment.
    (To find all your comments, go to your profile/marker page > Posts > Permalink of a specific comment)

  7. How do I add a new comic/new group to Batoto?

    Through publisher window,

  8. Is there a Bookmark feature?

    Batoto has a follow system that provides similar functionality as a Bookmarks feature. You can access your followed manga updates here: Latest Updates.

  9. How to delete my account on Batoto?

    Go to My Account Settings and click deletion or use this link : My Account Manager.

Comment Section Rules

  1. Don't advertise

    You can link to a site or product if it is relevant to the conversation, but do not create an account or post for the purpose of promoting a particular product, service, website, etc., whether paid or unpaid. Links to publishers site's, scanlator's sites, and MangaDex are perfectly acceptable.

  2. Don't spam

    This can be any action that is designed to draw undue attention.
    This includes:
    (a) making the same or substantially the same post repeatedly
    (b) cluttering with memes/gifs/images
    (c) trolling i.e. being disruptive or not being aimed at having a genuine discussion

  3. Don't flame/troll/fight/harass other members

    Unacceptable forms of conduct include, but are not limited to, intentionally posting false arguments, intentionally misquoting other users, name-calling, posting flames/personal attacks, annoying others, or disrupting a discussion.

  4. Don't impersonate a staff member or user

    This includes deliberately choosing a confusingly similar username, avatar or any combination of the these with the intent or goal of passing off oneself as another member or a staff member.

  5. If posting plot details, please use < spoiler > tag. Don't forget to mention "Spoiler Warning" before discussing the story - and before the spoiler tags.

  6. Note: In all cases, Staff reserves the right to interpret the rules as they see fit.
    report a comment using its permalink on #reports in our Discord server

    Comic Hosting Guidelines and Policies

    Please keep in mind: These are the current stances and policies. They are not carved in stone. So if we see the need to revise one of them, we will.

    • Comic Entries

      1. Comics or comic-related content i.e. comic/manga/manhwa/manhua/doujinshi/webcomics/imageset/arts are allowed.

      2. Content with Fake/Spam/Troll/Fraud/Phishing/Child pornography/Discrimination/Terrorism/Intimidate/Advertising Or any other behaviors that will cause public disgust or discomfort is not allowed.

      3. Whoever uploads the first chapter of the series (whether it be chapter 1, prologue, or chapter 0) gets the series. Do not upload in descending order, that will invalidate your claim over the series (if you and someone else are trying to upload the same series).

      4. In regards to asking for permission to a page from an uploader, if said uploader has not actively uploaded in 30 days, you do not have to message them. If you require a moderator to give access to a series, come to our Discord and go to #support

      5. If the uploader is active but has not updated the comic in 45 days, then you do not have to message them. If you require a moderator to give access to a series, come to our Discord and go to #support

      6. In regards to titles that went on hiatus and just recently came back. If the uploader is active but has not updated the comic in 30 days (since it was released on the official site), then you do not have to message them. If you require a moderator to give access to a series, come to our Discord and go to #support

      7. Don't vandalize our comic database. Our comic database consists of all metadata about comics, such as the categorization of comics, comic titles, author/artist information, and genre information. Our system is a wiki-like system and any user may edit it. Do not intentionally add incorrect/inaccurate information, remove information that is correct/accurate or change it to something you know to be incorrect/inaccurate. We take this very seriously and may permaban on the first offense.

      8. Don't steal others' releases. Do not upload material with inaccurate credits. Particularly, do not claim that you worked on a project when you have not.

      9. Do not add duplicate entries. Search for multiple alternate titles before adding a series. We do not consider something a duplicate upload if either the group and/or the language are different.

      10. Only partially uploading releases for any reason (including the intention to lure users to your site for the other chapters) is not allowed. Don't upload just a few chapters if the series already has an active uploader, it will just result in cluttering of the site.

      11. You have complete control authority for the comic ID you added, and you can set it to only allow yourself or
        specified users to modify/upload it.

      12. For the comic ID that was not added by you, you can modify and upload it as long as there is no restriction by the
        creator. Or contact the creator and ask for permission. Currently, the creator can only be contacted through Discord or comment section of the series.
        **We will develop a private messaging system on the site as soon as possible to help you contact the creator of the comic ID.
        For comic IDs without creator, if you need control permissions, you can join our Discord Server and ask for help in #support channel.

      13. Please append (Official) in the title of the comic if it's an official translation and there also exists a scanlated release for it.

      14. The existence of an official translation has no relevance to the rules for uploading scanlated releases.

      15. Comics available entirely for free on platforms such as (but not limited to) webtoons are not allowed.(Exception: with author's permission)

      16. For More Detailed instructions on chapter uploading, see Chapter Uploading Guide.

    • Scanlation Group Policies

      1. We strongly recommend that you obtain permissions from the scanlation group before uploading fan scans.

      2. Any scanlated series is allowed to be uploaded, unless the series's scanlation group has enabled upload restrictions.

      3. Upload under the group "Unknown" if it is not possible to determine which group is responsible for the release.

      4. If the scanlator does not wish to create a group, upload under "no group" name.

      5. Batoto won't interfere with conflict among different groups, they will have to resolve those on their own.

    • Content Removal Request

      1. The Moderators won't actively modify/remove the contents uploaded by users within the scope allowed by the rules.

      2. We will process content removal requests in case the data center asks us to delete specific contents.

    Just to be clear on this: The rules are established and enforced to protect our readers, the scanlators as well as Batoto's continued existence.
    Join our discord server for more questions.